New Spinner Phone Concept With Rotating Camera

This newcomer is a very compact phone, with a 4.7 inch diagonal and a 7 mm thick chassis. It’s made of aluminum and plastic and its camera module can be rotated, so it serves both the role or back camera and front camera  (similar to the Nokia N90). This is just phase one of the Spinner Phone, basically a teaser, with more to come later on. The top and bottom are clearly metallic, with a pronounced speaker grille at the top front.

The sides have an interesting texture that seems to imitate rubber or leather and the handset seems to be pretty good looking. If you ask me, I’d go with an even crazier concept: make the metal top and bottom removable and modular. Or make this into a very nice new Lumia concept… Also, it’s very rare that we get to see a metal Windows Phone unit nowadays.

Hope we get it very soon. But now day it looks like we can't get it early. And if this type of phone in android Os than really awesome. Say tuned for more..... 



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