Difference between Dual SIM Dual Standby and Dual SIM Dual Active Mobiles

Now a days When you find a dual SIM mobile phone there is one feature that creates a lot of confusion among the customers mind. It is most important to know what is the difference between Dual Active and Dual Standby. Because once you buy a mobile, there is no turning back option. I got many queries asking what Dual SIM Dual Standby and Dual SIM Dual Active really means.

Dual Standby Phones:

Mostly these types of dual SIM mobiles are found in Indian Android Market. The market is filled with a lot of low cost or high end phones that supports dual Standby mode. Read the word carefully and differ that two words, you will understand what it really means. Dual + Standby, this means the phone supports dual SIM but in Standby mode. It means until you are not using any of your SIM cards, both are active and on standby. But once you start using Either SIM1 or SIM2 the other one becomes inactive. If someone calls you on the other SIM he will hear a not reachable message from your service provider. (Sometimes blank tone or nothing). This can be a big problem if you use your one SIM to make long duration calls, Cause it will keep your other SIM inactive and make you unreachable.

Another major issue with dual standby phones that support 3G is that, when the 3G / 2G network is
used the other SIM becomes inactive. Usually you will not notice this issue with normal usage, but try to download a big file or watch a streaming YouTube video, the other SIM will be unreachable. But if your phone supports Call waiting and Forwarding than you can use both of the sima at same time. You can receive calls from both the Sims at a time.

Major advantage of Dual Stand By Phones are power consumption. They use less battery than Dual Sim Active Phones. For this reason Dual sim Stand by phones are so much in use.

Dual Active phones : 

Again as the same suggest its Dual phone with active mode which means both the SIM’s are active all the time. Dual active is relatively easier to understand. Use SIM 1 or SIM 2 for voice calls or net surfing the other SIM is always active you can still receive calls on the other SIM and even switch calls for example, you can keep the caller on SIM 1 on hold and talk to the other user on SIM 2.You will still receive calls and messages on the other. You will get the option to put the first call on Hold and attend the call on the other SIM.

Dual Active phones have two separate Transceivers and in some cases diff processor cores for both SIM and this reason they consume more battery. We have to Use larger battery capacity phones. Few years back Chinese phones with Dual Active features used to come with double battery.

Dual SIM phones have some advantages. You can choose cost effective services of two cellular service providers, you can keep two SIM cards from different coverage areas and use them while on the move and you can save more contacts using the memory from both SIM cards.

First Check the specifications of phone because even when the manufacture says that it is dual active it still works like a dual standby.

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