Xiaomi might be Push MIUI 6 To The Redmi 1S This Week

When it comes to the latest software updates for our mobile devices we sometimes tend to think in fairly limited terms, focusing on only the major players like stock Android or iOS, or major ROM versions of the Android firmware like CyanogenMod or Paranoid Android. Plenty of smartphone manufacturers run their own custom version of the Android software however, and Xiaomi is a perfect example running their own in-house built custom MIUI flavor of Android on their smartphones. MIUI 6 is the latest version of the OS of Xiaomi and if you’re using a Xiaomi Redmi  1S, you might be  know that the Redmi 1S is going to be getting the update to MIUI 6.

The Redmi 1S won’t be the only older device getting the software bump however as it’s also been stated that other devices are going to be receiving the update to MIUI 6 as well sometime in the future. The Redmi 1S is not the first device to receive the update to MIUI 6 as Xiaomi officially announced the software version last summer in August of 2014 and it’s currently powering the Mi 4. Not too unlike stock Android however, there are many older devices that are left waiting for the latest version of software to be upgraded onto their phones months after the initial announcement and release.

When it comes to the owners of the Redmi 1S, the beta version of MIUI 6 is supposed to hit the airwaves sometime this week, with more devices getting the upgrade in the coming weeks ahead. Just like with other custom ROMs available for plenty of other more mainstream devices, MIUI 6 has an unofficial version of the ROM that is currently out there and available for a number of Xiaomi smartphones, which is an option for users who aren’t willing to wait for the official push from Xiaomi of the software update. Although it seems Xiaomi is starting to pick things up with the software rolling out to users more consistently now, they have been busy with many efforts in their expansion which could be an explanation as to why it’s taken longer than some may have expected to get the latest software build.


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